About us

The Association for Massage and Complementary Therapies is a nongovernmental organization and it has the purpose to promote at national and international level the complementary therapies as methods of treatment, other the those from the classical medicine, both from prophylactical and curative point of view…


The association proposes it self numerous objectives, among which are: the legal recognition of complementary therapies from a medical point of view by the corresponding institutions, participation to national and international competitions in order to recognize the specialists from specific academies from Romania, exchanges in terms of experience…


The members of the association have a multitude of benefits, such as: free access or reduced cost access to courses organized by The Association for Massage and Complementary Therapies, promotion of your business through the media channels of the association and its partners, free consulting services and discounts to specific material acquisition…

Founding Members:

Motoc Iulian


Gligor Radu


Secuianu Bălescu Vlad

Formation Director

Levente Csata

Administrative Director

Banc Andrei

Marketing Director


  • Sibiu, str. Oituz, nr. 25C
  • +40726 323 236
  • contact@asociatiademasaj.ro
  • Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 21:00