About Us

The Association for Massage and Complementary Therapies is a nongovernmental organization and it has the purpose to promote at national and international level the complementary therapies as methods of treatment, other the those from the classical medicine, from both a prophylactical and a curative point of view.


  • The legal recognition of complementary therapies from a medical point of view by the corresponding institutions
  • The development of complementary therapies at national level, therapies know by many as methods of prevention and treatment of some illness.
  • Exchanged experience both at national and international level, retaliated through the organization of events such as festivals and competitions
  • Attendance to national and international competitions in order to recognize the value of specialist from Romania specific schools
  • Free attendance or with a reduced cost at some courses and seminaries organized by the association
  • The promotion of members activities through the channels of The Association for Massage and Complementary Therapies

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